Every corporation, every enterprise, every facility, is reliant on their technology to engage, service and transact with their customers. Any inoperable device at any level slows down or halts their ability to do business. And they lose money. Studies have proven that, often, devices aren’t broken, they’re just dirty.

Cleaning cards are an extremely fast, economical and simple means of cleaning equipment and maintaining their efficiency. Our cleaning products specifically are designed to remove dirt, dust, oils and other contaminates from a wide array of business equipment. These specialized devices have created a need for the cleaning card to become specialized in order to achieve maximum effect. Waffletechnology®, a KICTeam proprietary technology, has emerged as the preeminent product approved by such companies as Ingenico, Epson, Canon, Panini, Datamax, JCM and many others. We are committed to keeping your operation running efficiently by helping you find the proper cleaning products for your equipment.

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From our inception in 1997, we, at KICTeam, have been acutely focused on a single mission: to be the global leader in developing, manufacturing and distributing cutting-edge disposable cleaning and maintenance products that keep step with advancing technology. Since the introduction of our ingenious patented Waffletechnology® in 2004, we have educated hundreds of major companies across multiple industries, in the fast, easy, money saving techniques and the benefits of preventative equipment cleaning.[more]

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